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Courier Flights are, until recently, a well kept secret on how to save money on international flights, although they're becoming more widely known, with the number of people applying increasing all the time.

Cheaper International Air Travel

The concept is simple - there are certain restrictions on the transit of goods and associated documents, which can slow down urgent deliveries. Courier shipments travel in the hold of the plane, and the documents to speed them through customs are carried by someone - a courier - who travels in economy class at a substantial discount. This means that having someone accompany the documents, and deliver them directly to the waiting representative at the end of the flight is very useful, but probably not worthwhile sending someone specifically to do that job,so many companies will subsidize the cost of the flight for someone that wants to make that trip anyway, in exchange for them carrying the documents.

There are various courier services that run this kind of operation - organizing the paperwork, booking the flights, organizing the transfer of the documents at each end, so all you have to do is register with them, and make sure you keep track of where you want to travel, with rough time plans, so you can take advantage of any vacant seats. There's a few drawbacks, but providing you're flexible with when you travel, but can turn up at the times they need you, you can make huge savings.

Obviously the way it all works is similar in most countries that offer this type of travel, but not being experts on all countries, we're going to focus on how to get started in the United Kindom, and in the United States, with brief articles about the companies or associations you can join in order to find the best deals.

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What is an air courier?

An air courier is simply a person who carries shipping documents on international flights for a courier company in exchange for a reduction in the price of the ticket. Picking the documents up prior to boarding the flight, and dropping them off at the other end.

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